In case you haven’t noticed, reusable tote bags are all the rage. It started when laws were changed all over the country banning the use of plastic bags in grocery stores. Consumers realized that, if they wanted to get their groceries home, they would have to bring their own bags. Since then, people have discovered the usefulness of these bags, and the trend is exploding in different areas. Here are five of the places people have begun to use designer reusable shopping bags.

Carry it to the Store

Many people have already discovered just how handy (and legal in some jurisdictions!) it is to carry your own bag to the grocery store, but don’t stop there. You can also carry your own bag to any store where you shop. Need to stop in the pharmacy to pick up a few things? Why not take your reusable tote bag with you and fill it up with the things you need? You’ll not only make the trip more convenient without having to lug around cheap pharmacy bags, but you’ll also be doing your part in keeping the environment clean and safe for wildlife.


When is the last time you saw someone fold up the gift wrap that came on a present and tuck it away to be used at a later time? Probably not in the past decade or two. That’s why it makes perfect sense to wrap gifts in reusable tote bags. Your gift will appear unique, and you can choose the bag according to the gift. What’s more, the recipient will be thrilled because they will not only receive your gift, but will consider the wrapping an extra gift.

School lunches

If you think about how many trees it takes to supply the millions of brown paper lunch bags taken to schools every day, it’s enough to make you shudder. That’s why so many parents have begun to pack their kid’s lunches in reusable tote bags. It’s easy to buy kid appropriate reusable tote bags that come in fun colors and shapes, then delight your children everyday as they proudly take their “cool” bag to school. Just be sure to launder the bag consistently so germs don’t build up in them.


If you have children, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect overnight bag for them when they spend the night away from home. Suitcases are just too large, and finding a child appropriate bag can be a challenge. But reusable tote bags are the ideal solution. Look for brightly colored bags that you children will love to pack their things in.

Car Organizers

If you’re like most people, the side pockets and itsy-bitsy compartment in between the two front seats isn’t nearly enough room to store all of the things you keep in the car. The result is often a tangled mess of “essentials” that don’t really have a place. Your kid’s toys, car snacks, dog treats, important papers and dozens of other things need to be kept in the car. That’s where a reusable tote bag can come in handy. You can use it to organize your car essentials, and make sure they stay in one secure spot for when you need them.

Reusable tote bags are here to stay. If you’re not already using them for the five areas listed above, why not start? It will help keep the environment clean and make your life easier.