Tote bags have made a comeback in a big way – and BIG is the operational word. So many tote bag choices are absolutely huge – way too big for a lot of everyday uses. The fact is, sometimes you just need a small tote bag – one that’s just the right size for carrying a few things comfortably. Those are a lot harder to find than the typical oversize shopping bag meant to carry half your grocery shopping – but there are some choices, like these adorable reusable shopping bags shaped like fruit. Their fresh, bright fruit shapes and built-in storage bags make them the perfect choice for those times when you need a small reusable shopping bag or tote bag. These are just a few of the places where these bags come in handy.

Family Shopping

Encourage kids to help with the groceries by making it easy and fun for them to pitch in. Younger children have a hard time carrying full-size reusable shopping bags – they’re too bulky and, when fully packed, too heavy. A smaller bag is just the right size for several lighter weight packages – breakfast cereal, snacks and the like – and easy enough to carry that even a toddler can help bring in the groceries.

Day Care Tote

Toddlers love to “do it myself,” but you can’t exactly hand a huge diaper bag full of supplies to the little one who wants to be more independent. A small reusable tote bag is the perfect solution. Let your child pack one or two favorite toys, their snack bag and a book, and they can carry it all by themselves. Your toddler will feel all grown up, and the clever fruit shapes and bright colors of the LA Pop Designer totes will stand out among all the kiddie designs at the day care center.

The Just In Case Tote

We’ve all been there. You pop into the store to pick up one or two items and find yourself at the register with a whole lot more than you intended. You hate to take one of those plastic bags – and if you have a small tote bag stashed in your purse, you don’t have to. The LA Pop bags each come with their own attached storage bag, making it easy to drop one into your purse so it’s always available for those unplanned shopping trips (including stops at the farmer’s market, or at the yard sale that you just had to stop for.)

The Dirty Clothes Bag

Tuck an LA Pops bag – in its storage tote – into your diaper bag or suitcase next time you pack for a short trip away. It’s an easy way to segregate worn and/or dirty clothes from the rest of the things in the bag.

The Sleepover Bag

Smaller tote bags are the perfect size to pack a change of kids’ clothing, pajamas and toothbrush for those special overnight trips to a friend’s house, or a sleepover at grandma’s.

Full size tote bags have their place, but small reusable tote bags like the LA Pop Designer Tote Bags (available in a handy pack of five bags!) make a lot of sense in situations where you don’t need something big and bulky.