Are you one of those people who need to have a reusable shopping bag for every outfit? Or maybe you’re a size junkie—you need reusable totes of every size so that no matter where you shop, you’ll have a bag for the occasion. Perhaps you’re one of the people who have begun to use reusable shopping bags as your everyday purse. Whatever your reasons for loving the reusable bag, you should know that there are some distinct advantages to this type of addiction. Even if your closets are overflowing with the bags, or your car passengers are forced to move piles of the bags in order to just sit down, the benefits just might outweigh the cons.  Here’s why we think a reusable shopping bag addiction is just fine.

It Could be Worse

There are many people who are addicted to much worse things. For instance, think of the person who is addicted to designer clothes. Some women will only wear labels that cost hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars. In the same vein, some men pay hundreds of dollars for dress shirts that have certain designers on the tags. On the other hand, you can purchase quality reusable shopping bags for much less. In fact, a full on addiction might only cost the equivalent of a tank of gas per month.

It Doesn’t Hurt Too Much If They Break

When you have an addiction to expensive cars and one of them gets crushed in a wreck, it’s devastating. But if you collect reusable shopping bags and a strap breaks or you fill it too full and the corner tears, you can simply order another one without too much investment.

It Can Double as Your Purse

Some of the most outrageous addicts are taking their reusable bags to another level by using them as purses. One writer, Nora Ephron, who is the author of “I Feel Back About My Neck,” wrote an essay titled “I Hate My Purse.” In it, she bemoans the fact that most purses are either too small or so large they collect the “debris of a lifetime.” She also pokes fun at women who spend so much money on expensive purses. Ephron claims that she’s finally found the perfect purse—a reusable shopping bag that she bought at the New York City Metro. She says of the purse that the colors are horrible and it matches nothing, but people constantly complement it.

They’re So Versatile

Years ago, when reusable shopping bags came into vogue, they were large and bulky, and typically had a store’s name blazed across the front of it. But because consumers are demanding more from the bags, manufacturers have become innovative in their designs. For example, one manufacturer makes reusable shopping bags that are cleverly shaped like colorful fruit and fold up so small that they can be carried in a woman’s purse—or even a man’s pant pocket.

The bottom line is this—if you have an addiction to reusable shopping bags, don’t fret. There are much worse addictions, and this is one that just may have more positives than negatives. Don’t fight your reusable shopping addiction any more, but instead, just make more room in your closet.